MPT Innovation Group is based in Brisbane, Australia and is a specialist advisory, growth, strategy and innovation company with a reputation for successfully leading its clients though business strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship programs. Founded in 2000, our team of experts work across in the health tech, aged care, information security, agtech and research sectors to drive new business growth through transformation, with a major focus on new and emerging digital technologies. 



Our specialist advisory service and programs helps our clients to improve business performance and outcomes through growth, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. By applying our advisory insights to your business priorities, we help you to focus on the issues and opportunities to turn your strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives into measurable business results and achieving growth.

Business Innovation

Innovation is a powerful driver to create additional value, and improve the willingness to pay for this new value. It requires a unique combination of strategy, purpose, vision, ideas, and leadership. MPT Innovation Group has been delivering innovation services and programs across diverse industry, research and government sectors for 20 years.