Innovating Digital Health and AgTech Across Australia

Innovation is a powerful driver to create stakeholder value and MPT Innovation Group has been innovating across various digital verticals since 2000. MPT Innovation Group works with our clients to:

– Develop their leadership, strategies and vision to improve business performance

– Identify executive or board member sponsors of an innovation project

– Ensure you can harness the best from your innovation teams by ensuring diversity of thinking

– Help you focus on managing the uncertainties and risks through developing an improved innovation culture of leadership and appropriate behaviours, team management and performance

– Evaluate outcomes and effectiveness through indicators that will include insights into digital-based product or service design, business models or early customer feedback and adoption

Our Purpose

To create positive impact for our clients, at scale.

Our Values

Team, Integrity and Growth

Recent Projects and Board Roles

– Developing and implementing digital health innovation, business and market strategies to support product development and service delivery innovation for Australia’s largest community and aged care providers, disability providers and health care technology companies.

– Developing innovation-led strategies and delivering national industry engagement programs for agtech and agribusiness, digital health technologies, industrial internet, robotics and industrial automation startups and innovation to drive industry uptake, adoption and sustainable engagement for Australia’s leading research institutions.

– Board chair and board member leading companies in the development of business models, client engagement, product development and commercialisation of innovative community care, cybercrime, health, agtech, robotics, and aerospace technologies and services.

– Developing an innovation-led economic development strategy for a $3.2B regional economy.