Growth, Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs

Innovation is a powerful driver to create stakeholder value. MPT Innovation Group has been delivering growth, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship advisory services and programs for clients across business, government and research sectors since 2000.


Developing a growth strategy is about creating an integrated set of choices that positions a company or organisation in an industry, so as to generate superior financial returns to the company over the long run. Many strategies and initiatives are incremental, refining a company’s existing ‘peak’ market position.

We work with our clients to increase the likelihood of creating larger, systemic strategies, and help them find their new ‘peak’ position in the market. We do this by helping them to develop effective competitive growth strategies across external environments, internal choices and ultimately develop and implement a competitive advantage strategy that calls on the company to do today, what is necessary, to succeed tomorrow. Innovation indicators to measure include success in new product or service offerings, business models, markets and territories, and traction through early customer validation and adoption.

Value Creation

Creating customer value is recognised as a key source of a company’s competitive advantage. At MPT Innovation Group, we consider customer value also in terms of customer benefit. We work with our clients to define how they create and deliver value to their customers. We then help them to ensure the customer proposition is relevant, and attractive to the ultimate end user customer, and that the customer experience is consistently positive. All of which improves the customer’s willingness to pay for this new value created.

Managing the Uncertainty

We work closely with executives or board member sponsors of a new growth strategy or an innovation program. And ensure you can harness the best from your strategy and innovation teams by managing the uncertainties and complexities through an advisory that works closely with clients to develop and implement an improved competitive advantage strategy, through an innovation-led business performance culture.