Innovation Insights ™

It requires courage, commitment and a willingness of today’s leaders to develop and manage high-performing innovation teams. It is not enough to have the leadership or talent to dream of new ideas; the leaders and innovation teams must be capable of turning these ideas into value.

“Organisations that invest in leadership capabilities and creating strategies, shared vision and a strong culture within these teams are best placed to create high-performing innovation teams.” Gary Morgan, MPT Innovation Group

Innovation is the management of the process from ‘cradle to grave’; from observing a need to coming up with an idea, developing prototypes and proving your theories. These lead to shifts in the organisation including design and development, production, processes, marketing, and refinement of the business model and strategy.

Six Steps to Improve your Approach to Innovation

  1. Have a loose intention and set of ‘hard rules’, and within that, ‘press play and see what happens’. Innovation is a creative process that needs some overall statement of an unmet need, but it doesn’t need a detailed predetermined vision. So, give up a need to control outcomes and articulate instead the biggest question that needs answering.
  2. Start in a small way around ‘ripe issues’ that have large consequences. Using the skill of tuning in deeply to your organisational system or wider societal need, uncover the hot spots that appear to be a ‘fractal’ of the wider issue you are trying to solve, and which hold an innate energy for change. Don’t try to launch innovation through a single grand programme.
  3. Work step by step – using trials and experiments, and adjust as you go. When you lead change emergently, you give up any notion of a fixed medium-to-long-term plan.
  4. Build skills in changing the here-and-now moment. You can only change the present, not the past, or the future.
  5. Use informal, lateral networks and volunteers. To spread the innovation, or positive deviance, from the hot spots, make sure you have rich peer-to-peer type common interest groups.
  6. Cultivate the emergent conditions of connectivity, diversity and rapid feedback loops.

7 Domains of Innovation™

1.   Customer Experience
2.   Product
3.   Process
4.   Organisation
5.   Strategy
6.   Diversity
7.   Preparedness

Created in 2012 by MPT Innovation Group, the INNOVATOR™ Assessment Methodology [IAM™] is a diagnostic tool designed to assess and report on the ability of our clients to innovate across the 7 Domains of Innovation™ in their organisations.

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